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Accurate decisions need accurate feedback.

Meet upfeedback, a smarter way to uplift customer experience.

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Our Story

Find what's right, do more of it,

Find what's wrong, do less of it!

To do this you have to constantly listen to your customers, so its essential to have an efficient, elegant and engaging way that your customers can use effortlessly.

Our Solution

Get real-time, actionable feedback, from the right sample: actual people who experienced your services.

Real time analytics will help you detect and eliminate points of friction and enhance customer experience.

Our Goals

Monitor and compare satisfaction trends in real time.

Spot new revenue opportunities & be alerted of issues causing lost revenues. ​

Compare satisfaction changes between different locations or date ranges.



Engaging user experience

Turn feedback collection into an enjoyable experience, then expect more feedback to come.

Interactive analytics at your fingertips

With a quick scroll you can see the big picture, and with another scroll you can zoom for details,

Advanced filters allows deep search with few clicks.

Works Seamlessly Online & Offline

Collect feedback if having connection or not, devices will auto sync whenever connection gets established.

Complaint & Suggestions management

Add filterable tags to client comments and track cases with your team members.

Fully customizable

Select needed questions, styles and visuals for any audience, occasion or location.



of buyers will pay more
for a better customer experience.

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