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Why the Customer Experience Matters (8 Infographics)

Buying decisions aren’t just based on price anymore. As the number of alternatives for products and services continues to increase, what is it that makes a customer choose one business over another? The key is a positive customer experience.

More and more businesses are recognizing the importance of the customer experience and why it matters in increasing conversions and boosting customer loyalty. If you’re not optimizing your customer journey, you’re missing out on potential revenue. So why exactly do positive experiences prompt customers to buy from you instead of your competitors?

We’ve rounded up 8 noteworthy infographics to give you deeper insights into why being centered on the customer experience is the best way to run your business, and how to do it more effectively.  

1. What is a Customer’s Lifetime Value?

2. How Important is Customer Experience to Your Customer Service?

3. Your Customer Reviews are Vital to the Customer Experience

4. Why Customer-Centric Companies Outperform their Competitors

5. Why Emotion IS the Customer Experience

6. How Does Good Customer Experience Influence Customer Retention?

7. Your Customer Experience Can Help You Stand Out Amongst Competitors

8. What’s the True Cost of Bad Customer Experiences?


Written by Netania Engelbrecht

This post originally appeared on usabilla


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